Saturday, January 11, 2014

The first Blog post of 2014!
Might be of interest to people like me.
Tired of blah bags, i was in dire need of a plain & simple tote!
Toteteca lets you customize your bags! You can choose any style from their selection, then select the color combination and TADA!

As i mentioned, i was in need of a plain bag and nothing seemed to suffice.
I customized this Wide Sideways Satchel

Toteteca bag
My bag in the making!

Toteteca bag
The Website hosts a large variety of designs, you need to pick one and customize!

My Bag has is Black Faux leather, with golden hardware and a beautiful violet lining!

Toteteca bag
 You can also choose a name tag which will state your initials!
Toteteca bag

Toteteca bag

Toteteca bag

Toteteca bag

Toteteca bag
 My bags came with a miniature coin purse and my name tag. Both are detachable.
Toteteca bag
 There is a metal plate inside the bag!
Toteteca bag

Toteteca bag
 You also get additional straps to make your bags into a cross body bag! 
Toteteca bag

Toteteca bag

That is the content of my bag

(Sunglasses, Wallet,Card holder,Colorbar Put in a pot, 

Chopsticks,Nivea, M&S Peach & almond hand cream, Lips candy,

 keys, spectacles holder , Delhi Metro Card, Altoids, Macaroon 

lip-balm from Forever New, notebook and last is Samskara)

Toteteca bag

Full review

What I like
- You can customize any bag!
- Lovely selection of designs
- The leather is a good quality Faux
- Its all handmade
- Affordable price
- Easy payment
- Easy shipment
-Customer care is nice!

What i Dislike
- The hard ware seems to be loosing color after a months use

If you want to see the Video of this you can watch HERE

Thou shall be awesome
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What is in my Toteteca Bag !

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

 I think the information on the internet is very "non informative" when it comes to shopping in Delhi . All the sites list them in a boring/Robotic way
So i realized it would be a great idea to compile all the shopping places in Delhi and what exactly should you look forward to while there.

Sarojni Nagar - Hands down the best place to buy clothes at crazy cheap prices . If you are looking for latest trends, this is the place to be . See my in depth article on Sarojni Nagar
HERE (I made a map for your easy shopping ;) )

SHOP FOR - Clothes , shoes, jewelry , bags
TRAVEL- I.N.A Metro station then auto till SN (30 INR)

 Kamla Nagar-  Due to its proximity to North campus there is crazy footfall at the stores and the shops offer great discounts . Click HERE to know more.

SHOP FOR - Clothes , casual shoes , Sterling silver jewelry
TRAVEL - Vishvavidyalay Metro station  then take a rikshaw till KN.

Janpath- If you love junk jewelry then you will love this place ,you get average variety of clothes. The saving grace is the long row of handicraft stores ,which you will pass in order to get to Janpath .

SHOP FOR - Junk jewelry, sunglasses, home decor .
TRAVEL- Rajiv chawk metro station then walk towards Janpath

Dilli haat- Great to eat food from different parts of India. Travelers from different part of the world might find this place to be lovely since no one tries to manhandle you into buying anything!! The place is great to buy some handicrafts from different regions of India . I honestly find the products to be a little bit pricey .

SHOP FOR - Handicrafts, good food, souvenirs
TRAVEL- I.N.A Metro station then walk

Paharganj- If you do not mind a bit of traffic and funky people around you then this is the place to shop at !! everything you see at Janpath & Dilli haat is available here for less then half the price and not to mention you can buy it in bulk .

Paharganj shopping

SHOP FOR - Leather accesories, junk jewelry, boho clothing, export quality accessories and all sorts of pickles .
TRAVEL- Sri Krishna ashram marg

 Lajpat nagar- Its great for all shaadi shopping ( i don't go there much)  Blingy sandals and blinged out clothes. Don't worry if you are not a bling lover, they have a vast variety of less bling

SHOP FOR -Bling, shoe bling, clothes bling and not so bling alternatives!
TRAVEL-Lajpat Nagar metro station

Select city walk-Mother of all Malls in Delhi. Think of a brand... they most probably have it!

Sephora at Select CityWalk saket

SHOP FOR -Everything.. they have Sephora..WTH do you want!
TRAVEL-Malviya Nagar metro station then auto!

Chandni Chowk- Lets put it this way, India shops at Chandni Chowk. You can go here for Bridal wear, wholesale accessories and even dry fruits!

SHOP FOR -Bridal clothing, accessories,
TRAVEL-Chandni Chowk Metro Station

Thou shall be awesome

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Where to shop in Delhi

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lakme fashion week 2013 ,Manish malhotra 
This Manish Malhotra work is rather edgy , thats why i love it . If it wasn't for the mid rift , it would have been the same Bollywood masala work he does .
Lakme fashion week 2013 ,Manish malhotra
The choice of  cloth for some pieces was very regal and understated . Two things that i like .
Lakme fashion week 2013, Nishka lulla 
Nishka lulla did not disappoint . 
Lakme fashion week 2013,Shilpa reddy
I didn't understand the need for those shoulder embellishments  but 'necessity' is not relevant in art.
Seems inspired by the Samurai armor and the chinese corbel style . 
Lakme fashion week 2013, Vijay balhara
Lakme fashion week 2013, Jatin varma 
Jatin Varma's piece leaned more towards Gothic  and Isaac asimov ! 
Lakme fashion week 2013 , Payal singhal 
Lakme fashion week 2013, Rana gill 
I Loved Rana gill's attire more than the ... whats her name again ?
Lakme fashion week 2013, Anushka khanna
Anushka khanna made me feel like i was back in the seventies , in a good way !
Lakme fashion week 2013, Souhat paul
I think i have found another designer to stalk ! Souhat Paul is IT , watch out Souhat .
Lakme fashion week 2013,Souhat paul
Why must i even explain this ?
Lakme fashion week 2013, Shantanu goenka 
Shantanu goenka had some very interesting pieces but this one stood out to me .
I do not have to explain why though . Don't you love the head gear ? 
Its like a babushka scarf, with pearls,more attractive , a little chinese .. wow that sounds stupid .

That is about it .
Did you love anything ? hated anything ? In between anything ?
Let me know !


Lakme Fashion week 2013 -Part 1

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

College Freshers party makeup

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Easy College makeup

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kryolan Delhi with Nokia Lumia 620